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Solar energy is the resource which is considered to be the best thing for the future. This is easily available and accessible energy source which is not taxable. This is the reason it is better to make the most of this energy source.

In case if anyone is planning for a secondary power source for their home, then it is better they choose portable solar generators. These generators make use of sunlight for producing the power. Let’s look into some of the best solar generator which is portable.

  • Imoto Digi-Power Cube M5 50000mA
  • ECOFLOW RIVER Portable Power Station
  • Renogy Phoenix Portable Generator 
  • Goal Zero Yeti 1400


Among these, Imuto Digi- Power Cube is considered to be a most compact model. This resembles the design and size of a lunchbox and this is a multi-voltage device. This generator is safe since it is made up of Class A Lithium-ion. This is best suitable for people who camp regularly and clamp for days. This comes with features like 3-way charging and multiple as well as a smart protection system.

The Ecoflow River is one among the best when we consider mobile power station series. This model has several best features and two of the best features are it comes with the small package and it fits all bells and whistles.

Renogy Phoenix is considered to be the heaviest. This cannot fit in a backpack since it weighs 13 pounds. But this is the best choice for camping trips. This can bring enough power and it is portable. This can be charged using solar energy, wall socket, and cigarette outlet of the car. This generator is bi costly compared to other ones. Top tier components and 150 Wh generator along with the panel are the best features of this generator.

When it comes to solar energy powered generators, Goal Zero is one among the trusted names. This comes with durable as well as portable design. This comes in comfortable small size but with huge capacity. This is the reason it is best suitable for camping.

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